About balayroo

ABOUT THE BALAYROO from Balayroo on Vimeo.

After over 10 years working as a color specialist, the patent pending balayroo® applicator was invented by Dana Bremner in order to revolutionize the in-salon balayage treatment.

 "After many years on the floor, I found that while the balayage technique provided clients with a more natural looking color treatment, many stylists, myself included, still did not fully embrace the technique due to the hassle involved and time needed to apply correctly .  I invented the balayroo applicator to address these problems and make the balayage treatment something every stylist can offer to their clients"   

The balayroo applicator gives stylists at any level the ability to provide their clients with a quicker, cleaner, and more natural balayage treatment while drastically cutting down the time needed.  By using the balayroo applicator, you are able to give your clients a better, more consistent color application resulting in happier customers and an increase in referrals.  

In addition to being the co-founder and lead educator of balayroo, Dana continues to see clients in her salon in Grand Rapids, MI.